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What do we need to consider before installing Skylights?

No one wants to open a dark interior kitchen or living room in a loft? Don’t you think that skylight should be a part of our design plan? In this blog, we have come up with some valuable installation tips for skylights that we need to consider before installation. Skylights are added to increase natural light into a room to bring more feel of outdoor. Numerous skylights are opened for ventilation just. Let’s check it out what do we need to consider further.

Planning for Flat vs Domed

Do you want to have blocked skylight? No one wants this obviously. Majority homeowners always appreciate domed skylights because it never allows debris and leaves to come inside. For those who wish to install dome skylight, they need to know that plastic skylight material would be limited now.

Skylight Location

It leaves a great impact on installing new skylight because it depends on the kind of light that we are using. For instance, with the installation of a skylight, consistent amount of natural light all year. If you are conscious for energy saving then skylight face should be towards in south direction.

Energy Efficient

No one also wants to turn their house into the solar stove. It’s important to take a look in energy efficient options. Tinted glass can reduce the amount of heat energy coming through skylights. Slope and position of skylight always determine the energy efficiency.

Fixed vs Vented

Make sure you have a detailed knowledge of vented and fixed skylight options. Vented skylight options are often lead to susceptible leaks but perfect for air circulation for home. Vented Skylights are quite expensive than a fixed one. You can check various suppliers for this purposeSkylight Windows in Essex is available in a huge variety so you can get yours at minimum prices

Risk of Falling

If you people are expert in DIY projects then make sure you should have experience in safety precautions while working with the ladder because severe things can happen to you while working on a ladder. Always wear shoes and boots with proper traction. Make sure you use a ladder of right type and height.

Installation Season

It should be noted summer is suitable for all types of the skylight. Well, it can be installed throughout the year and while thinking about skylight installation it’s important to consider that which season would give you the more benefits. In summers you won’t have to face any delay while installing this. So summer is a main season of installation.

These are the main things that we need to consider for installation of skylights. You can get a company assistance or if you know DIY then go for it by following safety precautions.


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